Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Hereby Rechristen This Blog...

This blog has been many things. It chronicled my journey into the South Beach Diet privately. It was where I documented my switch from South Beach to Weight Watchers. It was renamed "Expecting a Healthy Lifestyle" when I tried to be healthy and pregnant at the same time. (Pfft, yeah that worked out great. *rolls eyes*) It then became my "Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle" after I had the baby. Then life happened, yet again, and it lay dormant for quite awhile. I had always kept my blog focused on my diet\healthy living exploits at the time and while this was all well and good, it kept my posts cornered to a specific genre. My awesome (and quite sexy might I add) husband kept encouraging me to open it up from just a blog about loosing weight and getting healthy to a blog about....everything. This intrigued me. I could use a place to vent whatever was lurking up in my belfry in addition to posting about my cooking and recipe endeavors. So, challenge accepted! I hereby reopen this blog as "Clare's Chaotic Cacophony". God help the internet cause I'm back, beeotches. ;)

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