Thursday, July 12, 2012

Seven Months Later...

How apropo that I visit my blog on a whim after months of inactivity to find that it's been 7 months to the day since I've posted? There is so much to catch up on! Long story short, "Sugar Plum" turned out to be Luke the Jedi baby and was born on the Summer Solstice, June 20th. He's an extremely adorable, if rather demanding, little guy and we all love him to pieces! My journey to a healthy pregnancy kinda crashed and burned. I am very overweight. The pregnancy was very hard on me physically (okay it was freaking miserable) and convenience foods and take out became the norm. But my Little Jedi is 3 weeks old now and I've begun tracking my food and weight through Weight Watchers again. This morning I got my first "Five Pounds Lost" star in the weight tracker! Oh, did I mention we're moving? Haha! That's right, so between caring for and breastfeeding my tiniest man, running after his big brothers, packing and house hunting there should be plenty of opportunity for activity and exercise.  I can't wait to shed the maternity clothes and get back to being a much, MUCH thinner version of me. I know I can do this. 
Peace out, little blog.