Thursday, January 24, 2013

Food Fails and School Tales

This is the sad face of a salad fail. In fact, it borders on epic faildom. It was born of rushing and experimentation. Poor thing didn't have a chance. 

I had eaten a rather lackluster Lean Cuisine meal for lunch and was still hungry. A light salad sounded good so to the fridge I went. Starting with the usual bed of lettuce and diced tomatoes, I decided to get inventive. I looked for some kind of protein to throw in there and couldn't find much of anything. Ah! Salami! Why not? At only 1 point per two slices, I could finely chop it up and toss it in the salad. For dressing I reached for a bottle of fat free sun dried tomato vinaigrette figuring to myself "Sun dried tomatoes...should go well with the salami! I haven't tried it yet, but it should work out." HUGE mistake. The dressing was sweet. Extremely sweet. Where the hell was the vinegar in my vinaigrette? Everytime I got a bite with the salami on it I cringed. Although I am not a huge fan of mixing my sweets and savories, it can work from time to time. I dare you to pair salami with something sweet. (And no, Miracle Whip doesn't count.) Go ahead. I then dare you to say it's in any way, shape, or form tasty. Lesson learned here: ALWAYS taste your ingredients before throwing them willy-nilly into a recipe, concoction, or salad.

Life outside of making healthy salad fails has marched on as usual. My kiddos are in the throes of second quarter exams in school but I'm pleased to say, they're acing them. They are pwning those exams! Watching them learn something or even remember something they've learned before is amazing to me and very little makes me more proud. Of course, then you'll be calling out spelling words and hear something like this: " my butthole is between my buttcheeks!" and it'll all come crashing down around you. /facepalm Ah, the joys of boys. Now that one was said with devilish glee but sometimes they say things that make you wonder...what the hell?? Case in point, in Erik's workbook he was instructed to draw something heavier than a butterfly. He thought out loud, "Now what is heavier than a butterfly?" Aidan looks up from his workbook and, in all quiet seriousness, replies "A fat lady". Well...yes...that is correct, but holy crap... After recovering my jaw from the floor, I warned him that it sounded rude, that even a baby weighed more than a butterfly, blah, blah, blah... But that juvenile part inside of me was stifling back laughter so freaking hard... Maybe I was just meant to be a mom to crazy boys. ;)

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