Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Life Marches On...

Okay forget that, it sprints on. It takes off like a shot, makes your head spin, and leaves you in the dust wondering "What just happened here?" My life has made me feel that way quite a bit here lately. It's been full and busy, but you know what? That has been satisfying. Sometimes we give in to the more sedentary side of geekdom around here and this displeases me. I want us to be active, I want life to be full to bursting, I want... vitality! Sure life with five boys is very full to bursting, but that's usually bursting with stress, breaking up fights, and wondering just how long it'll be until I can have an alcoholic beverage in one hand. Or each hand. Depends on the day. Don't get me wrong, it's also full to bursting with love and a lot of fun. I don't know what I would do without my five crazy little men. They can make me laugh like no other. Sometimes when they can sense my stress levels are rising, they come running up to me acting out my favorite silly parts from cartoons and such just to make me feel better. Last night I had the two babies asleep on top of me like a pile of puppies...and my heart was pretty full to bursting at that point.

In the same vein, life can be so very bi-polar. Yesterday was pretty horrible. Just about anything that could go wrong, went very wrong. The fighting was through the roof. The baby was exceptionally clingy. The chores loomed massively above me. Fast forward to today... school was done quickly and there has been virtually no fighting. Aidan didn't even balk when I told him to brush his teeth! Now they're downstairs rocking out to Nightwish while Sean dries and puts away the dishes for me. Sometimes I have to wonder why life is so bi-polar...wouldn't it be nicer if things were a bit more evened out? But then maybe we wouldn't appreciate the great highs without the great lows. Perhaps we need the yin with the yang. Maybe we'd be bored without it. (Yeah, see I can be all philosophical about it today...yesterday's philosophy was "I really need to start smoking again..")

So yeah, life's been busy. My oldest is now an official white belt in Tae Kwon Do. He loves it and we love that he loves it so much. Three times a week he stretches, jumps, punches, and kicks his way closer to his next belt. It keeps him active, and always brings a huge smile of pride to his face. Erik is still in soccer and looks forward to his games and practices with great excitement. Soon enough it'll be basketball season again and Aidan will be back to his B-Ballin' ways as well. In the meantime, there's school and chores and teething babies to attend to as usual. I also applied to join a local homeschool group for field trips, co-ops, and more socialization. I really can't wait to jump headfirst into that as well. Vitality, I tell ya..

Perhaps too much vitality...

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